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Biography of Tomado

Captain Tomado (Joachim De Munck)  was born into an artistic family of performers in Brussels and started at a young age performing magic in his garage for other kids.

Kids clown, balloon artist and funny clown for magic shows at home region Washington DC

When he was 12 his parents agreed that he could have doves in his act that won an award at an international magic festival. 

He performed all over Europe in France, Germany, England, Italy, Belgium and Holland and was a yearlong collaborator on broadcast television shows in many countries.

In the Kellogg's magic spoon commercials he appeared as the magician in ads that aired in multiple languages over the world.

When Legenturia, Brussels largest indoor park, opened in 2015 he was hired to performed 16 shows per week during six years.

Teenagers magic and cool magic tricks for teenagers

As his countries most performing kids entertainer he created a unique show for the park with his Captain character together with his dragon for more than 300.000 visitors.

Having American ancestors he moved to the USA and is now available for clients who want a child friendly and professional magic show for all ages.

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